Sometimes, we look at some things and think they can never happen. We speak based on historical evidences and contemporary facts that it cannot be.
Would you have imagined a very seriously divided world governments, to have the same priority, same focus, issue same alert, need same help, fight one enemy, fear same thing, share intelligence on same thing and no longer discuss different issues but one thing. It has happened!

The most popular event and prominent headlines of news all over the world is Coronavirus a.k.a COVID-19. What a name! Like no other name, this name has rung too much bell among powerful nations, leaders and people. I say the name has caused noise pollution in the world and no one seems to know how to abate this name and all it stood for.

This name stands for fear, panic, discomfort, distress call, confusion, pandemonium, ban of large gathering, no shaking of hands, no warm greetings and embrace, no international flight, restriction of movement and many more unveiling identity that the world has not witnessed in the farthest historical times.
Who will silence this noise? Who will remove this from the agenda of the world? Who will stop the discussion? Who will make nations to fight themselves again instead of fighting one common enemy? Who will stop this war against the world?

Jesus is the answer for the world today, without Him there is no other, Jesus is the Way /2ce.

For he has been given a name that is above every other name, that at the mention of the name of Jesus every knee must bow.

This is not a joke, I challenge the world governments, to call a United Nation meeting, where all heads of government and world leaders will be present. And allow a prayer of repentance to be led in the name of Jesus and heads of Government present will ask for the help of JESUS this one time and call His name.

See if same Jesus will not silent the name COVID-19 for you.

That is the simple path to remove this name and what it stands for from your agenda in the quickest possible time and your economy will be free and your people will be saved.


Rev’d Bamidele Oni

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