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A perspective on the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and exposition on the abilities given to us when the Holy Ghost settles upon a man. It is important for us to be energized by the Holy Spirit for us to turn our world around for the King Jesus.

Let me put some things in perspective. The Holy Spirit is a personality. He is the third person in Trinity. The Holy Spirit is not a force but produces force. The Holy Spirit is not an energy He generates energy. The Holy Spirit is not a power He gives power. To see the Holy Spirit as any of the above is to reduce the personality of the Holy Spirit to “A THING”.

The Holy Spirit is not a sound neither is He a wind but at His presence and arrival, is a sound and the wind cannot stand still!!!

Watch the full message for Pentecost Sunday 2020 through these links.



I shared over 10 of the abilities that is generated by the energy of the Holy Spirit, which are just few of the abilities produced when the Holy Spirit sits or settles on you.

To turn our world upside down by proclaiming King Jesus we need the energy of the Holy Spirit. Acts 17:6-7

Catch up on the recording.

God bless you.

The Revd Bamidele Oni

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