The word of the Lord in my heart for the month of November is a word of confidence.
“And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” Ex.3:14

I am saying to you that is a partaker of the commonwealth of Israel, your doubt would be cleared; your questions are receiving answers. The control of the universe is still with me, I AM THAT I AM says the Lord.
The word is an affirmation of His Lordship over your life and the fact that He has not lost control in any bit.

Everywhere and every situation that is asking for your reference, your guarantor, your back up, your confidence, who sent you; the I AM will answer for you in Jesus name.
There shall be some historical events this month that it can only be I AM behind it.
I see God doing some things for you this month, that you will ask, who did this, He will say I AM, and why did You do it, because I AM THAT I AM, why me? For I am your I AM.
I AM your health
I AM your healer
I AM your deliverer
I AM your senior partner
I AM your joy
I AM your pillar
I AM your encouragement
I AM your guarantor
I AM your wealth
I AM your protector
I AM your answer
I AM your leader
I AM your purpose
I AM your visioner
I AM your strength
I AM your help
I AM your Father
I AM your Mother
I AM your friend
I AM your love
Says the Lord.

I AM is coming forth to stand for you this month in Jesus name.
It is the month of I AM ANSWERING FOR YOU

My Pastoral Blessings.

Happy New Month.


I will like to appreciate all our followers on this site. I also like to mention to you that, you will notice that it has been a while that I have posted here. This was because we have developed a new and more robust website that you will be able to see more of my teachings. I will like to redirect you to the new website. http://www.bamideletreasureland.live

This current website might change in status, I will appeal that you follow us on the new website. HAPPY NEW MONTH


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